SEO & Google Updates and thier implications on your website

Whether it’s your Electrical business website or any other website it can be affected greatly by Google search updates. If this happens you may need the services of an expert SEO agency to recover your website.

Search ScreenTo understand the way Google update interrupts various websites, it is ideal to start with the main intention of Google launching algorithm update, and to whom it was done to. In a few words the Panda update which literally states FARMER update was done mainly, with the intention of reducing the ranks of under performing websites and create chances for performing websites to achieve higher in (SERP) search engine research pages. These performing websites offer quality content in their samples.

An under performing website is considered by Google as websites which lack quality or are even over-optimized. Among the paramount that webmasters experience concerning this update is the unavailability of before-information.   Google rarely announces what it’s going to change in algorithm so it is not easy for webmasters to react to the changes that are brought along. If webmasters knew the changes that are going to occur they would change their techniques in time. Matt Cuts who is a software engineer gave out the updates that were to follow and these were Panda and penguin updates. When the two were introduced into the market, they affected many websites and many website owners had to upgrade their website.

For a full list of previous Google algorithm updates check out search engine land.

Panda UpdateThe Panda update was first called the farmer update because it was meant to target the farm websites. These are websites that gather user submitted content thus allowing back link to the user’s website. The content found in this websites was thin and low of quality meaning that it provided a few or no knowledge to the reader. This update targeted small websites like blogs which had very low information to the readers. The content displayed on these websites had little or low content that is of no use to the content reader. One of the most important things to know about Panda is that it is a website penalty, this means that if one or two pages from your website are considered to be of low quality then the whole site will rank low in SERP.

You may be asking which of the websites had an advantage due to the update. This was a leveling update, but those websites that had high quality and deep content had the chance to rise up in search engine. Google took a huge step when they introduced Panda update because they wanted to ensure that websites have a quality balance of the content. Soon after it was released, many websites suffered from scrappers. In case you don’t know what scrappers are; these are websites that copy content from original sources and topping Google ranks. When scrappers copy the content they rank high instead of the original website. Google were able to solve this problem when they updated Panda algorithm.

All that said now you can regain your SERP strength by posting content that is informative and of high quality. Avoid over-optimization and you will be riding on top of Google.

Here’s a comical look at why you should use ‘white hat’ techniques and create quality content: